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Inspired by one of our projects at work, I decided some time ago to write a small simulator that generates noisy power output of a powerplant.

The code can be found in the PyPoSim Github Repo

Using this project, let’s generate some timeseries data, store it to a CSV and visualize it.


After a long time this website is finally ready to be published. It will mainly be used to as a platform to publish apps, code, thoughts and ideas around software development.



  • Blockies

    My very first game - a colorful tetris clone for Android.

  • Perceptron

    An asynchronous perceptron implementation in scala to build multi-layered neural networks.

  • PyPoSim

    A small power plant simulator in Python that can ramp multiple instances to a certain power level.

  • Stask

    A fast and simple Python solution to organize daily to-do's.



Machine Learning as a Service verbindet

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Data Science in der Praxis

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Evolution im Machine Learning: TensorFlow 2.0

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Data-Science im Projekt

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Machine Learning as a Service

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Robuste Data-Science-Projekte mit Python und Luigi

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Automatic Genre Determination of Web Content

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Maschinelles Lernen zur Erkennung von SMS-Spam

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